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Fantasy Books Incorporated has been serving the Metro East area for over 41 years.

Create Your Own Super Hero Contest

WE HAVE A WINNER!!! The winner of the Fantasy Books Inc Create-Your-Own-Super-Hero Contest is The Heroic Comic by Jackson! The Heroic Comic has all the powers of any comic book hero who does not have their own TV show or movie! That is pretty powerful. Thanks to Jackson and everyone who participated this year. Look for The Heroic Comic in some of our advertising this coming year!

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Encounter Building with The Major

June 22nd at 1PM The Major’s Guide to Encounter Building! Nothing in the game of D&D drives the story more than the ubiquitous Encounter. It’s the point where the rubber meets the road! Bring a pencil and paper for lots of notes to get the most out of this free class!

Star Wars Unlimited Store Showdown

June 23rd at 12:30PM Everyone will receive a Showdown exclusive promo of “takedown” for participating in this event! Top 8, Top 4, Finalists, and the Winner will receive a stamped Mace Windu Promo. Deck lists are not required, but your deck must be sleeved with Opaque sleeves so you are not able to see the back side of the card! Entry is $10

One Piece OP07 Constructed Prerelease

June 27th at 6PM Our weekly constructed One Piece tournament, but with a twist! We will be allowing cards from the new set, ‘500 Years in the Future’, for play a day early. Proxies will be allowed for this event, so it’s the best time to test new deck ideas to see how they work out! Entry: $10

Digimon Yellow/Blue Tournament

June 23rd at 3PM This event will be limited to blue and yellow-colored decks only! This means the following restrictions will be in place: -Multicolor cards must have blue or yellow as one of the colors to be permitted -Single color cards must be either blue or yellow -The color restrictions also apply to digi-eggs, tamers, and option cards Entry Fee: $10

MTG Pride Commander Night

June 28th at 6PM Join us to celebrate Pride month and receive an exclusive rainbow holographic foil art print featuring Chandra & Embercat!It’s entirely free to play, so come hang out and get in some fun games!

One Piece OP07 Prerelease

June 27th at 12:30PM Come play early with the new One Piece TCG set, ‘OP07 – 500 Years in the Future’ before the official release! Sign-up in store or calling us ahead of time for a spot in the event! This is a sealed event, so each participant will receive 6 packs to build their deck with.Entry: $35 | Event Capacity: 32

Warhammer 40k 1000k Tournament

June 29th at 10:45AM We will be using the leviathan Chapter Approved, using the “TableTop Battles” App for tracking secondaries and Victory points. If you are not able to access the app, we will have copies of the physical missions cards for purchase. Fully painted armies are not required but 10pts will be awarded for battle ready painted armies (3 colors + base). 3D printed accent pieces such as Space Marine shoulder pads are acceptable but fully 3D printed or non-GW models need to be checked by the TO for legality. Prizes will be awarded for top 3 and best painted.Entry will be $10 Doors are open at 10:00 and games start at 10:45 so don’t be late!

Staff Picks!

Evren Recommends

Goodbye Eri This oneshot manga from Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of ‘Chainsaw Man’, is one of Ev’s favorites- AND it’s also nominated for an Eisner Award this year!If you’ve been seeking a book that’s going to pull at your heartstrings while also giving you an interesting postmodernism story, ‘Goodbye Eri’ (as well as his other oneshot ‘Look Back’) can satisfy that need.

Laura Recommends

‘Little Bird’ and ‘Precious Metal’ The Eisner Award-winning creative team DARCY VAN POELGEEST and IAN BERTRAM reunite for their gripping return to the dystopian American Empire, and Laura can’t be any more excited!Check out their first book ‘Little Bird’ and their new series ‘Precious Metal’ today!

Tony Recommends

The Ultimate Universe Re-imagined by Jonathan Hickman, the 2024 Ultimate Universe features Spider-Man, Black Panther, X-men and the Ultimates. This is a great starting point for new readers and fans of Hickman or the Marvel Universe.

Adam Recommends

Pathfinder Second Edition Come check out Adam’s favorite Role Playing Game, Pathfinder Second Edition. Comparable to DND 3.5 but better! Really in depth character building is only one of the reasons to give Pathfinder a try.

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