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Fantasy Books Incorporated has been serving the Metro East area for over 41 years.

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Heroic Adventures

Edwardsville, IL
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Digimon Evolution Cup

June 2nd at 3PM

We’ll be holding a special evolution cup tournament featuring some special prizing for whoever places in the top 4! The winner will also receive a special Magnamon stamped card.

Be sure to sign up ahead of time on the Bandai TCG+ app.

Entry is $10

Yu-Gi-Oh Charity Tournament

June 1st at 4PM

Entry is $10 and it will 100% go to the charity Brown Bag Buddies!

This will be a Common/Rare tournament and Proxy cards will be allowed. Only cards listed as Normal or Rare on Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel will be allowed, unless they are on the banlist.

This will also be a Pegasus Ultimate Challenge! At random points during the event, a new rule will be introduced. Can you stay adaptable enough to roll with the punches? Donate to get additional effects on your turn!

Star Wars Unlimited Draft

All through May!

Join us for our Star Wars Unlimited draft! $20 entry fee gets you 3 packs to draft with and $7 in store credit.

Best of 3 rounds. Players will receive promo cards as well!

Friday Night Magic: Chaos Draft for Charity

May 31st at 6PM

$15 entry Entry fee 100% goes to the charity Brown Bag Buddies!

To add to the chaos, at this event you can pay extra to change up the game even more!
Buy a pack after the draft to add to your limited pool; 25% to charity.
Pay $1 to change a land color for the turn.
Pay $1 to gain 1 life at sorcery speed, Max 5.
Pay $2 to scry 1.

One Piece Charity Tournament

May 30th at 6PM

Entry fee 100% goes to the charity Brown Bag Buddies!

This tournament will have a SPECIAL RULE: No cards above the Rare rarity may be used.
We will also be raffling off one of our two-player playmats! Raffle tickets are $1 each.

Digimon Charity Event

May 26th at 3PM

Entry fee 100% goes to the charity Brown Bag Buddies!

Players can also make additional donations for effects during and before matches, a list of which will be printed and provided at the event! Feel free to ask Evren in the Digimon channel of the discord server for more specific details if needed. It will be a super fun and chaotic event for everyone!
$10 entry

Warhammer 40k

1000pt Tournament

We will be using the leviathan Chapter Approved, using the “TableTop Battles” App for tracking secondaries and Victory points. If you are not able to access the app we will have copies of the physical missions cards for purchase.

Fully painted armies are not required but 10pts will be awarded for battle ready painted armies (3 colors and base). 3D printed accent pieces such as Space Marine shoulder pads are acceptable but fully 3D printed or non-GW models need to be check by the TO for legality (or message Cash on our discord server linked below)

Entry will be $10 Doors are open at 10:00 and games start at 10:45 so don’t be late!
Prizes will be awarded for top 3 and best painted.

Digimon BT16 Pre-Release

May 19th at 3PM

Beginning Observer [BT16] is here, so come celebrate the new set with a Pre-release Tournament!
This set heavily features Digimon from the film ‘Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning’. Entry is $35.

All participants will receive 6 packs of BT16 to build a deck with, a special participation promo of P-117 Veemon, pre-release packs, a booster pack for playing and additional packs per win! The winner of the tournament will also receive an exclusive alternate art of the P-123 Ukkomon.

Staff Picks!

Evren Recommends

Delicious in Dungeon

From the creative mind of Ryoko Kui, ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ is one of Evren’s favorite titles that they cannot recommend enough.

If you’re looking for a thrilling fantasy adventure series with great character writing and a culinary twist on it, this is for you!

Laura Recommends

Books by Daniel Warren Johnson

Laura recommends the works of Daniel Warren Johnson, like his creator-owned title ‘Do A Powerbomb’ and especially ‘Murder Falcon’ (notice her shirt?). Try one or all of them today!

Tony Recommends

The Ultimate Universe

Re-imagined by Jonathan Hickman, the 2024 Ultimate Universe features Spider-Man, Black Panther, X-men and the Ultimates. This is a great starting point for new readers and fans of Hickman or the Marvel Universe.

Adam Recommends

Pathfinder Second Edition

Come check out Adam’s favorite Role Playing Game, Pathfinder Second Edition. Comparable to DND 3.5 but better! Really in depth character building is only one of the reasons to give Pathfinder a try.

Nicole Recommends


May is the month of mermaids and Nicole wants you to know we have a big selection of books and Funko Pops for any mermaid enthusiast. Come in and get yours today before they swim away!

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Fantasy Books

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