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Fantasy Books Incorporated has been serving the Metro East area for over 41 years.

New Comics Releasing 7/17/2024

Click here for a list of new comics releasing 7/17/2024. Call your favorite FBI store or stop in to reserve a copy. Better yet, set up a weekly pull so you never miss a single issue!

Create Your Own Super Hero Contest


The winner of the Fantasy Books Inc Create-Your-Own-Super-Hero Contest is The Heroic Comic by Jackson! The Heroic Comic has all the powers of any comic book hero who does not have their own TV show or movie! That is pretty powerful. Thanks to Jackson and everyone who participated this year. Look for The Heroic Comic in some of our advertising this coming year!

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Store Highlights

Lorcana Ursula’s Return Store Championship

Saturday July 20, 10:00 am

Entry: $25 Prizing: All players receive 3 booster packs of Ursula’s Return. Additional packs paid out to top players! Format: Swiss best of 3 with top cut based on attendance

For paper printouts generated for this tournament, participants’ names will be displayed using their full real names, irrespective of their profile’s name display settings. This specification applies solely to printed materials. More information here.

Paint and Hang with Gary Hill

Sunday July 21, 12:00pm to 3:00 pm

Join us and Gary Hill every third Sunday of the month for miniature painting! All experience levels welcome! Come get tips and tricks on taking your painting game to the next level, or learn fundamentals as you put a brush to a miniature for the first time.

Bring what ever minis you are working on and paint with other hobbiests, Gary is available to help anyone with any learning needed. More information here.

Legends of the Dragon Balls Pre-Release

Wednesday July 17, 6:00 pm

$10 Dollar entry
New set cards will be legal for play! More information here.

Staff Picks!

Suzi Recommends

Rick and Morty Comics

Based off the popular Rick and Morty animated sitcom, Rick and Morty comics are a fun filled, dimension hopping adventure. And Suzi does the art and covers for some of them!

Brandon Recommends

Warhammer Skaventide

Anyone who knows Brandon knows he loves Warhammer! Make sure to ask him about the new Skaventide armies. The Skaventide is sweeping across the Mortal Realms – and the faithful Stormcast Eternals of the Hallowed Knights are first into the fray.

Dan Recommends

Indie RPGs

There are many Independent RPGs. One of Dan’s favorites is Lancer…it has robots!

Celeste Recommends

Prickly, squishy giant D-20!

This giant D-20 will bring HUGE fun to your game. And the box says it is safe to throw! We haven’t tried it yet, so let us know.

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Heroic Adventures

Edwardsville, IL
(618) 659-0099

Store Highlights

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

July 13th at 4PM

Come compete in our monthly Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament!

Show off a favorite strategy or try out something new. Everyone who plays will get a booster pack of their choice and $7 of store credit to use later!

Entry: $10

MTG Chaos Draft

July 19th at 6PM

Friday Night Magic draft has been taken over by everyone’s favorite, wacky format- CHAOS DRAFT!
Draft with a variety of packs from across the last few years of Magic!

Plus, don’t forget we do regular draft every Friday at the same time.

Entry: $25

Warhammer 40k 1000pt Tournament

July 20th at 10:45AM

The tournament will be held at Heroic Adventures in Edwardsville, Illinois. This will be a 1000pt event.

We will be using the leviathan Chapter Approved, using the “TableTop Battles” App for tracking secondaries and Victory points. If you are not able to access the app we will have copies of the physical missions cards for purchase. For full details, visit here.

Doors are open at 10am and games start at 10:45am, so don’t be late! Prizes will be awarded for top 3 and best painted.

Entry: $10

One Piece Saturday Tournament

July 20th at 12:30PM

Come compete in our monthly Saturday One Piece Tournament! Don’t forget we also do weekly Thursday tournaments as well.

Play your favorite deck or try out some new spice! Everyone who plays will get $12 of store credit to use later!

Entry: $10

Lorcana Store Championship

July 21st at 12PM

Join us for our Lorcana Store Championship! The event will consist of 50 minute rounds, best of three with a top cut for 9 or more players.

Prizing: All players receive 3 booster packs of Ursula’s Return. Additional packs paid out to top players! Format: Swiss best of 3 with top cut based on attendance.

Entry: $25

Encounter Building with The Major

July 20th at 1PM

Nothing in the game of D&D drives the story more than the ubiquitous Encounter. It’s the point where the rubber meets the road! Come learn some neat tips and tricks to enhance battles for your entire adventuring party.

This event is free to join, just bring a notebook to take notes!

Digimon Tournament

July 14th at 3PM

Come play in our Digimon tournament on Sunday, July 14th!

Whether it’s an old favorite or a brand new deck, it’s the perfect time to put it to the test against some of your fellow players! All participants will receive special tournament promos, a pack of their choice, and $7 store credit.

Entry Fee: $10

Staff Picks!

Issaac Recommends


Our newest employee, Issac, says this is one of the greatest horror manga ever! If you looking for a good story with amazing (and graphic) artwork, check out Junji Ito’s Tomie.

Nicole Recommends

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is an absolutely fantastic alternative reality manhwa about a world taken over by dungeons and monsters. The series has 8 books so far and more on the way! It even has an anime with a second season set to come out by next year. Pick it up today and catch up before you miss out!

Mason Recommends


The Transformers are back! And after countless years, their war still rages. Will help from their new human friends give the Autobots the edge they need? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Ben Recommends


DC’s mistress of magic has her own 5 issue Black Label miniseries out now! Ben says READ IT NOW!

Erin Recommends

Fist of the North Star

One of the best shonen classics from the 80’s, if you haven’t already read this post-apocalyptic action series you should finally get around to it!

Cash Recommends


Dive into the Horror Sci-fi board game of Nemesis, where you play as different crew members on this stranded ship being taken over by Invaders. This legally not “Aliens”, Aliens board game is a great Semi-Cooperative experience!

Evren Recommends

Goodbye Eri

This oneshot manga from Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of ‘Chainsaw Man’, is one of Ev’s favorites- AND it’s also nominated for an Eisner Award this year!

If you’ve been seeking a book that’s going to pull at your heartstrings while also giving you an interesting postmodernism story, ‘Goodbye Eri’ (as well as his other oneshot ‘Look Back’) can satisfy that need.

Laura Recommends

‘Little Bird’ and ‘Precious Metal’

The Eisner Award-winning creative team DARCY VAN POELGEEST and IAN BERTRAM reunite for their gripping return to the dystopian American Empire, and Laura can’t be any more excited!

Check out their first book ‘Little Bird’ and their new series ‘Precious Metal’ today!

Adam Recommends

Pathfinder Second Edition

Come check out Adam’s favorite Role Playing Game, Pathfinder Second Edition. Comparable to DND 3.5 but better! Really in depth character building is only one of the reasons to give Pathfinder a try.

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Store Highlights

Staff Picks!

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